Colin McCahon

Colin McCahon was born in 1919 in Timaru, though he spent most of his early years in Dunedin. He loved attending local exhibitions at the Dunedin Art Gallery with his family.  In 1933, convinced he wanted to be an artist, McCahon attended Saturday morning art classes taken by Russell Clark.

Though never a member of any church, McCahon acknowledged that religious questions were central to his work.  From 1946 his paintings began to reflect this increasing fascination, as he ‘peopled’ empty New Zealand landscapes with the characters and events of Biblical stories. By doing so he was referring to a long established tradition within religious art.

McCahon moved to Auckland in 1953.  He lived in Titirangi, and around this time his landscapes featured beach, sea, sky, land, boats and kauri trees, all aspects of his immediate environment. McCahon worked at the Auckland City Art Gallery, starting as a cleaner, then later becoming Keeper (custodian of the paintings) and ultimately Deputy Director.

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