Revolution Aotearoa

Carved Stone - Aihe


WAREHOUSE ETA: December 2023 - Subject to shipping

Touchstone - Aiha. This natural New Zealand river stone features a carved design depictingthe Aihe (Dolphin) in a contemporary kowhaiwhai puhoro style. Often Dolphins were regarded by M?ori as messengers and guardians.

As a touchstone, this piece offers not only tactile stress relief but also serve as a keepsake reminder of significant places, people, or moments. Additionally, it can be displayed on a table, desk or mantelpiece, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS: 70 mm diameter x 30 mm approx
MATERIAL: Natural NZ River Stone
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Occasionally dust using a small paint brush to get in between the engraving.
NOTE: Due to the natural make up of this product, differences in colour and characteristics from that shown in the product should be expected.