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Doris Lusk - Two tides at Onekaka, Nelson *PRE ORDER

by Te Papa Store



A3 - Dunedin born artist, Doris Lusk, began her painting career during a time when artists were developing a new landscape iconography, namely by introducing structures such as bridges and railway stations. Her early painting style reflects this new iconography, with a fascination with industrial themes by way of stylisation and exaggeration. She worked alongside a group of upcoming and influential group of New Zealand artists paving way for a new style of art. From the 50’s her work became increasingly abstract and generalised with rolling hills formed with geometric lines reinforcing ideas about the relationship between infrastructure and the land. Juxtaposing the industrial with nature. Later in her career she also began experimenting with watercolours and different techniques which highlighted a more personal and exploratory drawings of landscapes. She also began experimenting with new methods and media, including photomontage and collage, creating imagined industrial sites in a fantasy landscape, continuing her earlier themes of the blurring of man-made and nature. She was a prolific and influential New Zealand artist, whose continuing fascination of the relationship between infrastructure and the land spanned her career, leaving a strong imprint on the art scene.