Wildling Books

Guardian of the Gryphons


Wildling Books have released a new book in what is sure to be another sell out series 

Release Date:    14th October 2020

Recommended age:     6-10 years

For children transitioning from picture books to chapter books.  This chapter book has over twelve spot illustrations throughout.

When tragedy strikes, Eva is forced to make a tough decision and fast! The choice she makes changes everything, throwing Eva and her brother into a strange world called Lyra. Among the incredible things they encounter there is a walking tree, dandelion fairies, pine-cone people and huge lion-birds.

In this new world, Eva’s courage is repeatedly put to the test. When a frightening figure from her past arrives, she faces losing everything. Will she be able to find a way to save not only herself, but also her brother, their friends and the new life they have created for themselves?

Guardian of the Gryphons is the first book in the League of Wildlings series. In these books, children from around the world join together to unlock their special gifts in order to protect their own homes and the mystical world of Lyra.