Revolution Aotearoa

Statement Necklace - Puhoro


WAREHOUSE ETA: December 2023 - Subject to shipping

This statement leather neckpiece is a contemporary wearable piece of art that emanates nostalgic charm. Drawing inspiration from the traditional p?horo pattern which is found in traditional Waka, M?ori meeting houses and the intricate patterns of Ta Moko, it seamlessly blends classic M?ori flair with modern aesthetics. The result bridges the old and the new, exuding both authenticity and cultural significance.

The Puhoro design originates from the deep bond M?ori have with water and navigation. When a hoe (paddle) hits the water, ripples and waves form, trailing behind the moving canoe (waka). This fluid movement reflects the Puhoro pattern. Just as the paddle propels the canoe, the Puhoro symbolizes life's momentum, journey, and continual movement.

Proudly made in Aotearoa, NZ. 

DIMENSIONS MEDIUM: 126 mm x 175 mm x 2 mm
MATERIAL: Genuine Leather